Yango to present AI assistant Yasmina and entertainment super app at LEAP 2024, contributing to culturally relevant digital future

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - Wednesday, 28. February 2024

    Yasmina is a bilingual AI assistant integrated into Yango Play that interacts with users in Arabic and English
    Yango Play is an AI-powered entertainment service that offers video streaming, music, and mini-games all in one place and is the first app to feature Yasmina.


Yango, a global tech company, has recently announced its participation in the international tech fair LEAP 2024 in Saudi Arabia. The event, scheduled to take place March 4–7, 2024, will serve as a platform for Yango to showcase two of its most recent products — Yango Play and the human-like AI assistant Yasmina.

Yasmina is an AI assistant fluent in Khaleeji Arabic and deeply connected to the local culture. It understands major Arabic dialects and excels at holding genuine, enjoyable conversations that feel natural and relatable.

Hundreds of Saudi residents from across the country, including the cities of Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam, took part in training to enhance Yasmina’s speech recognition. This extensive training enables the assistant to understand a wide range of speech patterns, intonations, and dialects.

During the LEAP 2024 fair, users in Saudi Arabia will have an opportunity to engage with the smart assistant. Yasmina is featured in Yango’s AI-driven entertainment super app Yango Play. The app combines video streaming, music, and mini-games — all in one place — and will now become the first app to showcase Yasmina. To interact with the smart assistant, users will need to download Yango Play.

As part of Yango Play, Yasmina suggests songs to listen to, chats with users, and answers all kinds of questions — anything from today’s weather to this year’s Ramadan dates. By navigating users through the Yango Play app, Yasmina enhances their overall experience, making it more delightful and seamless.

Yasmina will soon become available on other devices and apps, extending the list of its use cases, and opening up new opportunities for engaging and helpful interactions.

During LEAP 2024, Yango Play and Yasmina will share booth H4.F30 and welcome LEAP attendees to experience these products promising to revolutionise the way users engage with technology.

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