This Week, Visitors at The Dubai Mall Can Get a First-Look at LG’s New OLED TV Line-up, Offering a New Realm of Personalization and Immersion in the Home

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates-Tuesday 24 August 2021 [ AETOS Wire ]

LG Electronics (LG) has unveiled its latest OLED TV line-up at The Dubai Mall – spearheaded by the world’s first rollable OLED TV and a host of new 4K models designed to create a cinematic experience from the comfort of home. As part of its mission to bring the latest innovations to local consumers, LG is giving visitors the opportunity to experience the industry leading sound and picture quality of its OLED TVs firsthand, alongside the opportunity to connect with product specialists.

Amongst the technologies being showcased, LG’s lineup features standout models set to capture interest of those passing by:

LG SIGNATURE OLED R – The World’s First Rollable OLED TV

Ushering in the epitome of luxury in home entertainment and design, the LG SIGNATURE OLED R has been integrated with technology which enables it to seamlessly blend in with the interior in today’s most refined homes, while also offering greater flexibility for users to have more flexibility in curating their space.

As an ultra-premium TV, every LG SIGNATURE OLED R is custom built to order by the company’s experts in South Korea. The TV’s 65-inch flexible OLED display is created from one sheet of glass, features self-lit pixels and independent dimming control to usher in a new era of picture quality with depth, accuracy, and vibrancy.

The LG SIGNATURE OLED R empowers users to deploy three distinct viewing modes – Full View, Line View and Zero View. In Full View, the TV is rolled out to its full 65-inch size. Powered by LG’s leading processor technology, the TV employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a deep learning algorithm to optimize picture and sound quality according to the environment.

In Line View, the screen rolls down into its base, revealing only a small portion for what is needed. Users can choose from Clock, Frame, Mood or Music Mode to create a relaxing atmosphere. When in Zero View, the OLED TV stuns viewers as it effortlessly moves out of sight, creating perfect spatial and visual harmony. While in this mode, homeowners can enjoy the view of their surroundings and still play their favorite music and podcasts – emanating from the 4.2-channel, 100W front-firing Dolby Atmos audio system.

LG C1 4K OLED TV – The Ultimate Gaming Accomplice

As every gamer knows, key to an immersive experience are on-screen clarity and low latency. The LG C1 4K OLED TV features AI Picture Pro –recognizing onscreen objects such as faces and bodies, distinguishes between foregrounds and backgrounds, processing each object independently to make images more three-dimensional and lifelike. The C1 OLED TV features an extremely low input lag with an incredible 1ms response time, ensuring synchronization between the controller and the display in real-time – offering a vital edge over opponents.

LG has even partnered with some of the biggest names in technology and gaming, such as AMD, NVIDIA and Xbox. LG OLED TVs, such as the C1 model are the only G-SYNC compatible TVs currently available in the market. LG OLED TVs use the precision and control of individual self-lit pixels to take full advantage of the G-SYNC compatibility, allowing fast response times and smoother gaming, even at high resolution.

LG has also partnered with AMD to bring FreeSync™ Premium to the C1 OLED TV and other new 2021 models. Less flicker and low latency allow action-packed games to perform at their absolute peak with clear and fluid gameplay.

In late 2020, LG and Xbox entered into an exclusive partnership to highlight the phenomenal gaming experience enabled when coupling the Xbox Series X console with LG OLED TVs. As well as rapid response times, the new C1 OLED TV also features smooth graphics and enhanced immersion with Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos. For serious gamers with both the console and PC, four HDMI 2.1 ports allow for more connections – unleashing full potential. Wi-Fi 6 certified, LG’s C1 OLED TV also enables fast and reliable access to popular gaming apps and services such as Google Stadia and Twitch.

Both the LG SIGNATURE OLED R and C1 OLED TVs feature voice-activated control in numerous languages, including English, Arabic (standard, Emirati, Saudi Arabian and Egyptian dialects), French, Spanish and Russian. With Natural Language Processing (NLP), the TVs can understand context and seemingly complex questions – without the need for repetition from the user. Homeowners can simply have an evolving dialogue with the TV to check the weather in multiple locations, optimize the audiovisual settings, find out more about an actor in a film, the music being played in the background of a show and more – in a conversational and more human-like manner.

To find out more about LG’s latest OLED TVs and experience the difference in person, visitors can head to the Star Atrium of The Dubai Mall this week and speak to the company’s product specialists.

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