Cadre Announces Strategic Partnership with DisruptAD for International Expansion


ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates-Thursday 24 June 2021 [ AETOS Wire ]

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- DisruptAD, one of the region’s largest venture platforms, announced a strategic investment in Cadre, a US-based technology-driven real estate investment platform that provides individuals the opportunity to invest alongside institutions in high-quality commercial real estate assets. The investment comes after Cadre has raised capital from investors including Khosla Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Ford Foundation, General Catalyst and others. DisruptAD’s investment is from the Ghadan Ventures fund, which aims to support promising startups from around the globe to expand their footprint to Abu Dhabi and across the broader region. As part of this partnership, Cadre will be expanding its corporate footprint to Abu Dhabi, and will work closely with DisruptAD to expand access for investors in the region to commercial real estate in the United States, and vice versa.

This partnership follows the recent announcement of the Cadre Direct Access Fundi, which offers individuals a curated portfolio of commercial assets with lower minimums, lower feesii, better underwriting, and a potential for liquidityiii that was never available to individual investors. The Cadre Direct Access Fund is also designed to accommodate investors in regions outside the United States, and DisruptAD’s investment will enable Cadre to expand its reach to individual investors in international markets.

Ryan Williams, Cadre’s co-founder and CEO, said, “We’re grateful to DisruptAD for their partnership and support as we continue to grow our company. We were founded on the belief that all investors should have access to institutional quality assets, and we’re well on our way to making this goal a reality. We also see enormous potential in providing access to more investors everywhere, and this partnership is a big step forward on that journey.”

Mayank Singhal welcomed the new partnership with Cadre on behalf of DisruptAD and said: “We are pleased to back Ryan’s vision to democratize global access to real estate investing. He has built a world class real estate investment platform in Cadre, supported by best-in-class technology. We are excited for Abu Dhabi to be Cadre’s first international market and look forward to supporting the company as it provides investors in our region with access to commercial real estate assets in the United States.”

Cadre has delivered compelling returns for investorsiv. Since inception, the company has closed more $3 billion in real estate transactions, delivering greater than 18% net IRRv and resulting in the return of more than $168vi million of capital to Cadre investors.

The Ghadan Ventures Fund is an AED 535 million fund under the Ghadan 21 program and is managed by DisruptAD. It is part of DisruptAD’s broader mission to support and nurture 1,000 start-ups over the next five years and create a thriving local community of founders, fund managers, incubators, and accelerators in Abu Dhabi.

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About Cadre

Cadrevii is a next generation technology-driven real estate investment platform that provides qualified individuals and institutions access to fully vetted commercial real estate opportunities. Cadre has also built a groundbreaking secondary market for commercial real estate enabling investors to have the potential to seek liquidity. Cadre combines its institutional experience with differentiated technology to empower investors through direct access, low fees, and greater transparency.

Since inception, Cadre has closed more than $3 billion in real estate transactions across 16 markets and delivered more than 18% net IRR on four complete property sales, resulting in the return of more than $168 million of capital to Cadre investors to date.

About DisruptAD

DisruptAD is ADQ’s venture capital platform. Its activities include investments in start-ups and venture capital funds, as well as the creation of new incubators and accelerators to support Abu Dhabi’s evolution as a global start-up destination and accelerate the development of its innovation ecosystem. DisruptAD invests across the UAE as well as other global markets including the Middle East and North Africa region, India, China, South East Asia and the United States. The platform aims to support and nurture over 1,000 start-ups by 2025.

DisruptAD is also responsible for the Alpha Wave Incubation (AWI) Fund, the AED 1.1 billion venture fund that focuses on Indian and South East Asian start-ups. In addition, it manages the AED 535 million Ventures Fund, a flagship initiative of the Ghadan 21 programme.


i This communication is not an offer of securities or invitation to make an investment. Nothing contained herein should be relied upon as a guarantee, assurance, or representation. Any targeted returns, expected returns, or probability projections are not guaranteed and may not reflect actual future performance. Please refer to the Cadre Direct Access Fund offering material and memorandum for additional information and disclaimers, including regarding fees and costs.

ii Based on a comparison of the upfront, management and performance fee rates charged by the manager, advisors and their affiliates (collectively, the “Cadre Entities”) to investments in the Cadre Direct Access Fund to rates of those fees charged by the manager, advisors and sale agents of selected competing real estate investment vehicles. Assumes that the Cadre Direct Access Fund and competing vehicles achieve the same assumed gross return (14.6%) over equal hold periods - these assumptions are for illustrative purposes only and no conclusion of any type or kind should be drawn regarding the future performance of investments offered or managed by Cadre based upon these assumptions. Selected competing vehicles are non-exchange traded and have minimum investment requirements that are the same as or similar to the Cadre Direct Access Fund’s requirements. Comparison does not include fee breaks, fees that are not received by the Cadre Entities or the direct sponsors (or their sale agents) of the competing vehicles (including operator fees and promotes) nor does it include any expenses other than performance, management and selling fees.

iii Liquidity is not guaranteed. Investments offered by Cadre are illiquid and there is never any guarantee that you will be able to exit your investments on the Secondary Market or at what price an exit (if any) will be achieved.

iv Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Any historical returns, expected returns, or probability projections are not guaranteed and may not reflect actual future performance. All securities involve a high degree of risk and may result in partial or total loss of your investment.

v Our track record for realized investments can be reviewed here. See that page for additional detail and disclaimers. IRR calculation represents an equity-weighted average annualized internal rate of return (“IRR”) for realized real estate investments of offerings by Cadre since the formation of our Investment Committee through to the date of calculation, after deduction of fees and expenses. For recently realized investments, an estimate of proceeds to vehicles managed by Cadre may be used. The use of a different methodology may result in a materially different IRR. Please also see for additional disclaimers.

vi Gross Distributions to Investors refers to the sum of any income distributions, sale gains, and return of capital without deduction for any investor-specific withholding or preferred equity payments. As of 1/27/21.

vii © Cadre 2021. Broker-dealer services in connection with an investment are offered by RealCadre LLC, a broker/dealer registered with FINRA and a member of SIPC.


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