Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, -Tuesday 30 March 2021 [ AETOS Wire ]

Alturki Holding announced the launch of ‘Hemmah’, Alturki Talent Development Program, a comprehensive program designed to address the current and future training and development needs of more than 6000 employees within the holding company and across its group of companies while also aiming to attract and retain the kingdom’s best local talent. 
Commenting on the launch, President and Chief Executive Officer of Alturki Holding Company, Mr. Rami Alturki said: “As Alturki builds on its legacy of sustainability, we remain steadfast in our commitment to contributing to the success of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. Hemmah underscores the importance we place on investing in our people and in shaping a workplace culture that, with learning and development at its core, will positively impact our employees, our businesses and support socioeconomic progress in the community, industry and in our nation.”

‘Hemmah’, which means 'resilience’ or strength through adversity is a comprehensive learning and development program designed to address the current and future training and development needs of the employees within the Alturki Holding Company and across its group of companies, while also aiming to attract and retain the kingdom’s best local talent. The program has four core sub programs, ‘Qaddah’, ‘Khabeer’, ‘Tuwaiq’ and ‘Tamakan.

Qaddah is designed to prepare High performing employees to assume leadership positions in the company and further enhance the skills of the company’s current leadership team. Khabeer aims to enhance and upgrade core skills and improve organizational efficiency through development opportunities and skills development, and Tuwaiq is designed to attract and retain highly talented Saudis and provide them with opportunities to develop and grow within the group of companies. The Tamakan program is designed to ensure that every Alturki employee is empowered with the basic competencies necessary to not only maximize their efficiency but to allow them to reach their full career potential.

The program, which is being led by Ms. Alanoud AlSemaeil, Alturki Holding Support Services Manager, and supported by Mr. Tom Raftery, a senior HR Consultant who brings nearly 40 years of experience in senior line HR, will provide all of Alturki Holding Company employees, regardless of nationality, with a comprehensive range of training and development opportunities to help them grow and take on more responsibilities.

Ms. AlSemaeil added: “Hemmah is designed to address the developments needs of all of our employees and to shape a corporate culture of continuous learning. Towards this goal Hemmah is designed to bring the full potential of our team to life by providing every employee with more opportunities to grow their skills and capabilities and acquire new knowledge.”  

Mr. Alturki added: “Our employees are the reason we have sustained our business for over 40 years and they are the key to our future success. Learning & development has always been important to Alturki but in today’s digital economy, where knowledge becomes outdated very quickly, it is vital to business success. In order to address the need to constantly adapt, we are making continuous learning and development the standard at Alturki, providing each and every team member with ongoing opportunities to gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the Digital Age.”

 About Alturki Holding

Alturki Holding is a premier investor, sustainability pioneer and partner of choice for building sustainable businesses in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region. A key facilitator in the development of modern Saudi Arabia, Alturki is credited with being involved in almost every major infrastructure project in the Kingdom since the company's establishment in 1975.

Over the last four decades, Alturki has built a portfolio of leading businesses across an array of sectors, including building materials, infrastructure, information and communication technologies, oilfield services and real estate. The company continues to invest in core strategic sectors while growing its portfolio in trending industries such as upstream oil and gas technologies and healthcare IT, aiming to positively transform business models and society by harnessing new digital technologies and the potential of the fourth industrial revolution.

Anas Aljuraifani

Director, Corporate Communications and Strategic Partnerships



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