Twiser to Exhibit its OKR and Next Generation Performance Management Solutions at the HR Tech MENA Summit

Twiser is sponsoring the 9th Annual HR Tech MENA Summit. Through its focus on OKR methodology, Twiser offers a solution that next-gen performance management techniques can enhance.

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Twiser is one of the sponsors of the 9th Annual HR Tech MENA Summit on March 1-2, 2023, which is one of the region's leading HR tech events. Excited to network with industry leaders, Twiser is pleased to be able to demonstrate its modern HR and tailored OKR (Objectives and Key Results) solutions.

“We are an ambitious SaaS company backed by innovation platform and startup accelerator Plug & Play Tech Center, which has also invested in brands like Dropbox, Microsoft, Google, and PayPal in the past.

We see OKR as a platform that enables clients to choose how they operate, choosing options that best suit their cultures and needs. Twiser is trusted by over 100 customers from 20 industries across 25 countries and has more than 70 thousand users,” said Ongun Demirler, CEO of Twiser.

Next-Gen Performance Management

“Today's working conditions are characterized by a high degree of uncertainty, rapid change, and an increasing need for agility and adaptability. The OKR framework can be valuable for organizations and individuals to navigate and succeed in these challenging conditions.

Next-gen performance management can complement the OKR framework by providing a more holistic approach to managing and developing employee performance in today's dynamic work environment,” he added.

OKR has a positive impact on revenues

According to a study by Deloitte, companies that use OKRs are more likely to outperform those that don't. Organizations that implemented OKRs are two times more likely to have significant annual revenue growth and are also 69% more likely to have higher levels of agility, which is crucial in today's rapidly changing business landscape.

By setting and tracking goals aligned with the company's overall objectives, teams, and individual employees can ensure that their efforts contribute to the bigger picture. Highly aligned organizations grow their revenue 58% faster and are 72% more profitable than unaligned.

First-ever AI-supported OKR engine

Demirler commented: “Twiser will present its first-ever AI-supported OKR engine that enables clients to create effective and aligned OKRs with greater ease. Combined with next-generation performance management, it ensures organizations take a more holistic approach to managing and developing employee performance."


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