Scoutbee and Promena Forge Partnership to Drive Agile and Competitive Supply Chains

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Scoutbee, the leading AI-powered supplier intelligence and discovery platform and Promena, Turkiye’s leading provider of strategic procurement software, today announced a partnership to empower their customers to better navigate the growing shifts in the procurement landscape.

The adoption of digital processes has played a key role in responding to these challenges, as has collaboration between all stakeholders in the supply chain. By working together, procurement organizations, solution providers, and suppliers can create agile and competitive supply chains.

Collaboration at the forefront of innovations within the supply chain

The partnership between Scoutbee and Promena offers procurement leaders an effective end-to-end scouting journey, allowing them to both broaden their supplier portfolios and avoid potential supply chain disruptions.

Gregor Stühler, Co-founder and CEO at Scoutbee, said, “Our shared commitment to helping businesses overcome their procurement problems – along with our complementary pools of suppliers – makes Scoutbee and Promena an ideal combination.”

Through this collaboration, Scoutbee customers will be able to scout digitally for new suppliers via Scoutbee’s extensive data foundation and then validate these suppliers against their best prices by using the Promena for cost reduction, greater efficiencies, risk mitigation, reduced time to market, increased product innovation, and so on.

“Our solutions are built on supplier data from our customers, and our AI-powered crawlers that search the internet for new information. For instance, if they have goals around diversity, we ​​help them find suppliers they should work with. The results show that Scoutbee’s top-line impacts can be remarkable. Adding Promena to the mix is a win-win situation,” Gregor Stühler explains.

“This partnership will help businesses manage their supply and procurement processes while facilitating digitization efforts,” Promena’s Managing Director Orcun Guven echoes the view. The alliance will allow Promena’s clients to mitigate risk, reduce costs, and achieve supplier diversity goals.

“Through the use of our services, clients can utilize Scoutbee’s resources and enrich their supplier database to build supply chain resilience. This includes simplifying the collection of supplier data from multiple regions, thereby eliminating the risks associated with supply chains that rely on single sources or locations. By focusing on operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and growth opportunities throughout the supply chain, Promena helps its clients maximize business value.” concludes Orcun Guven.

Val De Oliveira

Gizem ALP

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