DEM-3rd Floor Combine Bags Global Communication Mandate for Guinea at Expo 2020

Guinea communication tactics to include showcasing the country as a rising investment destination brand

Dubai, United Arab Emirates-Tuesday 25 May 2021 [ AETOS Wire ]

The Republic of Guinea today announced partnering with the multidisciplinary strategic consultancy, DEM, and award-winning global communications agency, 3rd Floor, to raise its reputation and nation brand image as a global investment destination.

The communication mandate to the DEM-3rd Floor combine includes promoting Guinea at the upcoming Expo 2020, and highlight the numerous opportunities of the country, as well as the structural reforms and socio-economic development in Guinea that has paved the way for increasing interest among global investors.

“Since 2010 Guinea has diligently enacted numerous bold and innovative reforms to become a preferred destination for an increasing number of investors and visitors. The country is now keen to market its numerous opportunities with the world by developing a new nation brand. We aim to use the Expo 2020 Dubai platform to shed new light on the country,” said Mr. Gabriel Curtis, Minister of Investments and Public-Private Partnerships, Republic of Guinea, in a statement.

He said “DEM-3rd Floor Public Relations were competitively recruited because they demonstrated the required excellence and professionalism to help countries smartly position themselves through strong and innovative branding and communications campaigns.”

The appointment of DEM-3rd Floor has been made through Guinea’s General Commissionership of Guinea at Expo 2020. Dubai.

“We are honored to be chosen as the preferred communication partner of the Republic of Guinea, and we are confident to drive the positioning of the country as an investment destination to a global audience further. The Expo 2020 also offers us a significant platform to catalyse our strategic communication roll out for Guinea,” said Jacopo Stecchini, CEO of 3rd Floor Public Relations.

3rd Floor, which has global footprints across Shanghai, Hong Kong, Milan and Dubai, has been associated with World Expos since their inception, and their work at Expos in Shanghai in 2010 and Milan in 2015, has elicited acclaim from clients.

DEM is acclaimed for its high-quality services to governments, public administration, international agencies, NGOs and civil society. DEM’s mission is to meet the strategic needs of public, private and other spheres through projects financed by bilateral and multilateral funding.

Guinea at Expo 2020

Guinea has been taking part in World Expos consistently with presence earlier in Hanover, Beijing, Astana and Milan, among others, as part of the African participation. However, at Expo 2020 Dubai, the country for the first time will have its own pavilion, which will help create a significant impact in communicating the country’s propositions to the world in a focused manner.

Guinea will showcase the country’s sustainable economic development driven by a National Economic and Social Development Plan based on the pillars of good governance, economic transformation, human capital development and protection of natural resources.

In line with Guinea’s image as the `Water tower of West Africa,’ the pavilion at Expo 2020 will have a devoted theme on sustainable development and urban renewal focused on water. The pavilion is titled "tap into the source of West Africa."

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