Boonie Bears 7th series ‘The Wildlife’ on UAE screens

May 27, 2021 is the D-date to watch the latest edition of the popular animated wildlife and bask in happiness



Dubai, United Arab Emirates-Wednesday 26 May 2021 [ AETOS Wire ]

For adults and children who like watch the seventh series of the wildlife fantasy animated movie Boonie Bears with Arabic subtitles, it is time to cheer up and gear up to rush to the cinemas near you.

This popular English animation movie with Arabic subtitles will play across theatres in the UAE starting May 27, 2021, and it promises to bring oodles of happiness, blowing away at least some of the pandemic angst for over an hour or so.

The seventh in the Boonie Bears series, the film is focused on happiness, and ties in very well with the focus of the UAE where a minister and ministry of happiness has been in place for long.

Mr. Salim Ahmed, Managing Director of Truth Global Films, which presents the Arabic version of Boonie Bears in the UAE, said, “Watching Boonie Bears is an exploration of the essence of happiness. Happiness is beyond the confines of age, and envelopes both kids and old alike, and Boonie Bears, does this magic to the viewer. The film is meant to trigger introspection on what makes happiness, life and future.”

The movie directed by Leon Ding on the very first day of the release grossed US$15.6 million at the Chinse box office. In three days, it shot up to US$36.5 million, making it the fourth highest grossing film of the 2021 Chinese New Year weekend.

The cast includes Chris Boike, Joseph S. Lambert and Nikki Stinson. The film rated G is 1 hour and 39 minutes long, promising non-stop fun and learning.

The story opens with Pine Tree Mountain, a `Wild Land’ destination that promises to offer a legendary and magical experience, since this is where anyone visiting can just wear a gene-altering bracelet and can transform into a variety of animals!

There is mystery and surprise, and a bit of whodunit as well for the audience to enthrall.

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Truth Global Films is a film distribution and production company with offices in Dubai, Doha and Cochin. Delivering premium and top-rated movies across Middle East and India. We are committed to elevate the horizon of Indian and Asian films across Middle East to a global standard. With our expertise, passion and absolute dedication, we will strive to be the leader and innovator in the entertainment industry to meet the demands of emerging audiences.

Truth Global Films was established by renowned Indian Film Director Salim Ahmed and entrepreneur Abdul Samad in February 2020. Company having offices in Cochin, Dubai and Doha and distributes movies across Middle East. Also, the company entered in film production in India.


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