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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - Saturday, 22. October 2022 AETOSWire

BITmarkets announces its launch of new significant features. In order to make crypto easily accessible to all, as the mission of BITmarkets has been since its entry to the market in February 2022, the exchange is introducing a completely new user-friendly interface followed by an academic section to educate its customers coming from all levels of expertise and adding a new trading feature.

The re-designed website provides the customers with a more effective and user-friendly interface with the availability of even more payment options. The Academy at includes articles, videos, and how-to guides to enhance the knowledge on crypto and blockchain for all levels of crypto enthusiasts globally. Moreover, the Academy features a cryptopedia with 100+ list of the most significant cryptocurrencies, together with their description, history and “how it works” sections.

“No matter how cryptocurrencies fluctuate every day, in the long run they gradually fill in the niche of the world’s financial system. Responding to a diverse range of needs for alternative transactions and secured assets, the volume and structure of investors and traders involved in crypto is continuously growing and BITmarkets has entered the market to address both, the newcomers, and the experienced retail and professional participants in the crypto community.” commented Maria Apogeni, CEO of BITmarkets.

The new trading feature already mentioned above enables clients to leverage their assets on many crypto trading pairs using sophisticated strategies such as hedging. They can open and hold positions in both directions simultaneously, thus managing their portfolio exposure more efficiently.

Clients are more than welcome to become a member of our rapidly-growing community by visiting the platform:

BITmarkets opens up the existing cryptocurrency markets for everyone and from everywhere. is a crypto exchange providing secure, accessible, and localized services for retail as well as institutional clients. The exchange currently operates in more than 20 countries.

BITmarkets is operated and powered by Unicorn Technologies Limited, a company registered in the Republic of Marshall Islands, providing software solutions, digital asset technologies, and virtual financial assets through Peer-to-Peer network and centralized exchange platform.

Hana Hesham

Account Executive, Influence Communications

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